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Waterjet Machine Parts

Main Parts of a Waterjet Machine

Waterjet Cutting Machine
Photo courtesy of OMAX Corp

Example of an Abrasive Cutting Head

The image to the left is representative of an abrasive cutting head configuration. High pressure water will enter at the top of the water inlet body and will be forced through a small orifice assembly located at the bottom. Suction created as the high velocity water stream exits the small orifice and flows out through the mixing tube (also called nozzle) can pull in an abrasive substance from the tube on the right. Even though a mixing tube/nozzle is made of very hard materials, it must be replaced periodically due to erosion from the abrasive waterjet stream.

Waterjet High Pressure Pump

The various types of H.P. pumps utilized are designed to provide sufficient water flow rates, at a specific and consistent high pressure, to supply single or multiple cutting heads as required.

Waterjet Machine Table/Catch Tank

The material to be cut is placed on the bed of the machine table/water filled catch tank. The length and width of the table generally determines the maximum travel of the XY motion control system. The maximum XY motion travel will establish the cutting window or largest work piece for a specific table. Our selection of Waterjet Machining Systems includes cutting windows from 4 feet x 8 feet up to 12 feet x 18 feet.

Waterjet XYZ Motion Controller

The cutting head is precisely moved around the bed of the machine table to make the desired material cuts. This is controlled by a computer, which when properly programmed, can instruct the cutting head to move to any area over the machine's bed while performing the various functions necessary to provide the desired results.

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