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Laser Cutting Chicago

Why LASER Cutting?

We are constantly seeking new and practical cutting technologies to compliment the various Waterjet cutting services we currently provide our clients. While LASER cutting for certain applications had intrigued us for years, the best overall system for our metal cutting applications remained unclear. Finally, in late 2012, we had the perfect LASER system for Remtex in-house.

The Trumpf 2500 Watt Trulaser 1030 was designed specifically for cutting sheet metal and plate. Production runs of small or large sheet metal components that are not well suited for Waterjet cutting can be completed in a more economical manner.

Since each potential project we evaluate has unique requirements, the addition of LASER cutting technology provides us more depth in finding the best technology fit. Examples of those requirements for consideration might include:

  • Material type
  • Material thickness
  • Material quality
  • Material coatings (before & after cutting)
  • Material flatness
  • Effects of heat or potential work hardening of material
  • Edge finish requirements
  • Geometric complexities of the item or profiles being cut
  • Largest inside radius allowed
  • Tolerances specified
  • Work holding
  • Kerf or cut width allowed
  • Material piercing issues
  • Item quantities required
  • Lead time constraints

Trumpf 2500 Watt Trulaser 1030

Laser Machine

The material that is going to be cut is set on the bed, and the computer controller is programmed. When started, the computer moves the laser around the bed to cut the material with incredible precision.

Laser Cutting Head

Touchscreen Control Panel

TruCoax 2500

LASER Cutting Metal

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