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Laser Cutting Photo Gallery

Laser Cutting Photos

Photos of LASER Cutting machines in action and other related photos.

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3/16" CR Steel

Laser cut .187 inch CR Steel profile

16 Ga. 304 SS Cover

Laser cut 16 Ga. SS slotted cover

1/4" A-2 Steel

Laser cut .25 inch thick A-2 Tool Steel profile

14 Ga. 304 SS ornament

Laser marked & cut 14 Ga. 304 SS

1/4" A-36 Steel

Laser cut .25 inch thick A-36 Steel part

Misc. Laser cut parts

Example of Laser cut items from various materials

10 Ga. Cor-ten Steel

Laser cut 10 Ga. Cor-ten Steel profile

Delorean Ride 1

We had the opportunity to laser cut aluminum exhaust components for the Time Machine.

11 Ga. 304 SS plate

Laser cut 11 Ga. 304 SS mounting plate

18 Ga. 304-#4 SS vent covers

Laser cut 18 Ga. 304-#4 SS, cut with protective film in place

14 Ga. 304-2B SS

Laser cut 14 Ga. 304 SS indexing plates

Delorean Ride 2

14 Ga. 304 SS flat pattern

Laser cut 14 Ga. SS flat pattern

Delorean Ride Event Photo

16 Ga. 304-#8 SS Logo

Laser cut 16 Ga. 304-#8 SS small Logo profile

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